Sending Cliffs in Austria

Today we had a downhill training run, but there was powder so I freeskied all day too. The race had a lot of skiing closed off to just us, so it stayed fresh. Not like it matters here anyway, hardly anyone were powder skiing. There were big wood fences for avalanches that were covered with pillows, so you could  bounce down them effortlessly.

Near the end of the day, we spotted another area that you had to traverse a little bit to get too, but was well worth it because it was all freshies. We had some of our best runs at 3pm. This is a cliff I had checked out the previous run from the landing zone. I went a little bigger than intended, but glad I did because I love that feeling. It's taken from a Contour Headcam which is why it is kind of far away looking, but at least I got it on film. Zoom in on your computer a little bit and it's prime. Going to get more tomorrow.


Scott Macartney said...

Next time wear the contour and huck it... that would have been a sweet one for POV. It was big by the hangtime! Great stuff- looks like you guys are having fun!

Andy Phillips said...

dude, that was nasty!!

Family Gaxiola Schleper said...