Vertical Steeps

Today was incredible. I’m in Val D’Sere, France racing downhill. The downhill track is pretty moderate, so not too long or difficult. It fairly bumpy since there has been 2 meters of snow in the last 2 weeks, but what are you going to do.

There is a ton of off piste skiing, but if your not local its super dangerous. After my run I went and did a hike with a local guide.  It was only about a 15 minutes long, starting from the top of the highest lift. You hike to the very tip of the mountain. There are a bunch of chutes up there. In one section you have to hold onto a metal cable or else you could fall down a super steep rock face.

Sketchy section of the hike

The run was about 1000 meters vertical. It was so much skiing and pretty much fresh tracks the whole way.  Was glad to be skiing with a guide though because a lot of people lose their lives up there when they are unprepared or unaware of hazards. 

Unbelievable place, but these are record snows for them. It almost reminds me of how Snowbird  usually looks, but don't worry it will come. 

Looking down from the top, Chute know as "Straight Line"

Roof Lawndart in Solden

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