First Real Epic Day at Snowbird This Year

Finally a good day at my home sweet home. This has been the most difficult year I have ever 
encountered, snow wise. Probably the same story for everyone under 30, well unless you ski in Minnesota I guess. 

I did finally get to hit my first real cliff of the year, at snowbird. Hence "at Snowbird." Yes it was a solid 15-20 footer, or 240 inches, or 6096 millimeters, but I just don't trust the coverage quite yet to go much bigger, Wink Wink. Luckily we had a nice wind buff the last few days, that should make a solid base. With this 16" on top, Snowbird is beginning to look like the luscious mountain that I know and love. Met up with most the pals I planned on meeting up with, which is usually impossible on a powder day,  making it an even more killer day. Keep it coming!

Max Martin (AKA the hand drag master)

Boman Farrer (Steeze Louize)

Elli Measom (crushing a backy)

 Should I narrow my stance??

photo credit- Andrew Kircher

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