What a Ride

U.S. National Championship's Super-G 3rd Place, Photo: Harry Caston

What a ridiculous year this has been. Up's and downs but I finally laid one down, in Winterpark last week landing myself on the podium just six one-hundreds out of first place.  This sport is so crazy, and it's addicting. One day you can be pondering future plans as a poet, and within just over a minute, everything changes and you want to continue to excel in your sport(just kidding about the poet thing, I would definitely ponder surfing first). It's days like those that remind me how much I love doing what I'm doing, and keep me going.

Anyway it's been beautiful weather in Colorado, and great icy conditions for racing. I've been racing spring series and it's been going pretty well. Three third places in a row. Also what are the odds I would tie with someone for third, two races in the last week right up to the hundredth haha. Few more races left this year, heading up to Bachelor next week for a last little series of downhill for the season.

Vail GS

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