January 27, 2014

I made the Olympic team

By jared

This is a goal I’ve had since I started ski racing, and I knew I wanted to go when I watched the 2002 Olympics in my home town.

This last week I was racing the Hannennkamm in Kitzbuhel, Austria. As you may know the Hannenhamm is a classic race thats been around for a long time and is infamous for carnage. The hill is so gnarly it’s like heli skiing Alaska but its all icy and bumpy and your hauling ass. The start is 0-60 in about 3.4 seconds, so you take off faster than a race car. It’s so steep when your standing in the gate you can literally look through your tips to the first gate. The Streif which is the whole top part is so steep and  its got some pretty big turns through bumps, then the basketball turn before the road you feel like your pinning it straight at the a-net but you have to trust the skis will come around. I ended up 32nd which I’m stoked with since I only had one training run before the race, on a hill that takes a lot of experience I feel right at home. It was pretty cool having 50,000 plus people watching in the finish as well.

In the Combined we had a super-g in the day light and a slalom race at night under the lights. The super-g I had a good run going but had the wrong tactics on the bottom and lost some time, but I set myself up pretty well for the combi slalom later that night. The slalom set was very legit as it was on the world cup slalom hill with tons of terrain. I sent it and ended up 11th in the race, a career best and secured a spot on the Olympic team. I’m so glad the hard work in the gym this summer and training camps paid off along with the years of pushing myself and now I’m going to Sochi. As of now I am for sure racing the Combined and there is a possibility I could race the downhill too.

This week we’re heading to St. Moritz for World Cup downhill races to replace Garmisch races that got cancelled. I’m in Solden, Austria for a day tomorrow and it’s snowing! Hoping to get some face shots tomorrow.